Part Two

Welcome to Part Two

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We’re going to drill down into the principles we briefly discussed in Part One. If you recall, they are:

  • 01

    Be skeptical of absolutely everything.

  • 02

    Don’t be equally skeptical of everything; use judgment.

  • 03

    Open your mind; go outside your personal comfort zone.

  • 04

    Challenge your own assumptions.

  • 05

    Understand how media works, and how it’s used to persuade.

  • 06

    Keep asking questions.

  • 07

    Take a breath and consider a “slow news” approach.

The context for those principles is real life, not Hollywood. Even if we want life to be simple, it isn’t. Life is nuanced and complicated. We bring our own experience and beliefs to our understanding of information. Our journalists often fail to reflect that in their work, and our political leaders often pretend there is an easy answer to difficult questions and issues. It’s on us to remember nuance and complexity in the way we consume and create media ourselves.

Let’s dive into the principles.