Part Three

So much more!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our brief introduction to the digital literacies we so strongly believe are necessary in today’s world. There’s so much more we could tell you, and we’ve included lots of additional information in our course.

One thing we want to make clear: We don’t know everything about this, either. We’re constantly learning new things, too! As with so many other parts of our lives, we don’t magically achieve a state of being media savvy and then we’re done. It’s an ongoing process — and a valuable one for living better in an often confusing world, never more so than now.

Before you leave, a request

We need your help.

We need everyone’s help in making our information ecosystem a better place for us all.

Please take what you’ve learned here (and, we hope, in our course) and spread the word to your family, friends, and colleagues. We’re not asking you to pitch the course to them, though we would be happy if you did that. We are asking you to pitch the principles we’ve discussed, and show them some of the tools and tactics that can be so useful in navigating that often-murky ecosystem.

We’re biased, of course, so we think this matters a great deal. If you’ve read this far, two things:

First, thank you! Second, you also (we trust) think this matters.

If so, we’ll be endlessly grateful if you become one of the people who helps others see why you care, and help them care, too.